There is no shortcut to perfection, all it takes is hard work and more hard work." - Jonghyun [SHINee]

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Hi. Can you please help me with all the albums and dvds that infinite released? I need a list *u*


By albums, I assumed you meant physical albums INFINITE has released. INFINITE’s full discography (minus 2014 releases - Toheart 1st Mini Album, Eric Nam - Ooh Ooh, and The Origin), which includes digital singles and tracks INFINITE members feature in, can be found here.


  • First Invasion (EP)


  • Evolution (EP)
  • Inspirit (Single)
  • Over The Top (Studio Album)
  • Paradise (Repackage Album)
  • BTD (Japanese EP)


  • Be Mine (Japanese Single)
  • Infinitize (EP)
  • She’s Back (Japanese Single)
  • Another Me (Sunggyu Solo EP)


  • Fly High (INFINITE H EP)
  • New Challenge (EP)
  • When a Man Loves (Japanese Studio Album)
  • Destiny (Single)


  • 1st Mini Album (Toheart EP)
  • The Origin (Instrumental Album)

DVDs are listed by the year the event took place (for example, Leaping Over took place in late 2011 but the DVD was released in early 2012). Other INFINITE releases which include a DVD are also listed.


  • Leaping Over - Japan 1st Live
  • BTD (Japanese Single - Version B)


  • Second Invasion - 1st Concert Live in Seoul
  • Second Invasion in Japan
  • Second Invasion: Evolution
  • Infinitize - Showcase: The Mission
  • That Summer
  • Second Invasion Evolution Plus - 1st Arena Tour in Japan
  • Be Mine (Japanese Single - Version A)
  • She’s Back (Japanese Single - Limited Edition)


  • Destiny in America
  • L’s Bravo Viewtiful (Myungsoo Photobook)
  • When a Man Loves (Japanese Album - Limited Edition)
  • IDEA (Photobook)
  • 2014 Season’s Greeting (Calendar)
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kimkibottom’s ‘holy crap there’s a lot of you’ giveawayso as the title infers i’m doing this because i recently just reached a milestone of followers and i kind of want to give a little back :3 i know a lot of you are young or can’t afford to get shinee merch so i’m giving away a few bits and bobs that i’ve amassed over the past year ~first things first, the rules:
reblogs count as one entry and so do likes, so you don’t have to clutter up people’s dashboards if you don’t want to
you don’t need to be following me but as i said this is predominantly for my followers so if you are following me that counts as another entry :3 (so there’s a potential for 3 entries) 
i’ll ship internationally but you have to be okay with giving me either your address or an address of someone that can give the parcel to you! ~ (e.g. a parent’s workplace or a po box)
this giveaway will end on the 30th of April, it’s quite a way away because there’s quite a lot to win, so feel free to reblog multiple times if you wish
more importantly, the prizes:
i’m doing this a little different to normal giveaways so there is more than one chance to win in this giveaway. there will be three winners for this giveaway, and each can pick one album and two items of merchandise
choice of items is first served for the winners, so whoever gets back to me first with which they want is the one that gets them
ALBUMS:SHINee LuciferSHINee SherlockSHINee Misconceptions of MeSHINee Misconceptions of YouSHINee Everybody
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